Porsha Summerville & Felicia Gangloff-Bailey are Still My BFFs


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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and today Codie has two people near and dear to her heart who have been affected by such. Porsha Summerville, Codie's long time friend from their time at Howard, lost her son Josiah at seven months old. It was this loss that motivated Codie into searching for resources for not only her, but other people navigating this type of grief. It was through that search that she met Felicia whose daughter Kamaiu was born and transitioned on the same day. In this conversation, Felicia and Porsha share what the grieving process has looked like for them, what resources they have found to help them along this journey, and what things are like for them today.

Show Porsha @porshadanae and Felicia @fefemonique some love and tell Codie who you want to be her next New BFF @codieco !

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