Ep. 69 (FULL Interview and Playtime) Daddy Will Tantra


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In this episode, we have the HIGHLY anticipated interview and PLAYTIME with THE ONE AND ONLY Daddy Will Tantra! Will Tantra is a Sex and Masturbation Coach who teaches men how to give and receive MORE pleasure. He offers many free Tantra tutorials and sex demos on Twitter (@tantricfitness). You can also find him and over 300 very explicit videos on his Tantric Fitness, OnlyFans page. Along with many guided masturbation videos, viewers also enjoy other topics like “How to Have Multiple Orgasms” and “How to Lovingly Open a Man’s Hole”. Will encourages men to masturbate along with him as he teaches and demonstrates solo and with other partners. Will is offering listeners of Naughty Audio a 7 day free trial to all of his content. To enjoy the 7 day free trial, create a profile at onlyfans.com then click on this link: https://onlyfans.com/action/trial/hw8ffrmkojhyoi70dkhqwjramizcsq2k!

In this interview, Will shares:

  • His 1st sexual experience w/ a guy, during a college hunting trip with his dad
  • How he met his 1st fuck and eventual boyfriend at the college gym where he worked
  • His advice on how to take big cocks
  • His hottest sexual experience getting fucked by an Italian muscle daddy over an entire weekend
  • The circumstance that brought out his Daddy Top side, and why his hungry hole is back in the game and starving for some cock.
  • His past porn career
  • How Will Tantra was born and how he defines Tantra for himself
  • His sexy and innovative yoga poses
  • And MORE!

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