86 Doubt: Part 1


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Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” Voltaire

You know too much, yet understand too little. And it’s the same for me, and everyone you and I happen to know.

And, so it begins.

What follows are a series of posts and audio-casts that respond to this living human condition, bringing together practice materials from non-Buddhism, post-traditional approaches to Buddhism, and the work of Peter Sloterdjik. Each post represents a visit to the Great Feast and provides ideas for practice for those who simply cannot find a home in mainstream Buddhism, Mindfulness, Atheism, or some other form of spirituality.

This first part engages Socrates and the Buddha and tosses a practice salad of exiting ingredients for the hungry practitioner.

It can be read and re-read here if you still have appetite for more here.

Matthew O'Connell is a life coach and the host of the The Imperfect Buddha podcast. You can find The Imperfect Buddha on Facebook and Twitter (@imperfectbuddha).

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