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Publisher, scholar, and author Mogg Morgan joins us in podcast episode 184 to discuss independent publishing house, Mandrake of Oxford, as well as his recent books Isis: Goddess of Egypt and India and Phi-Neter: Power of the Egyptian Gods.
“Mogg Morgan is a publisher, writer, pagan practitioner, independent scholar & theorist. He was Wellcome research student at Oxford, where his teacher was the late Professor B K Matilal, a widely respected expert on South Asian rational thought. He has published on both Indology & Egyptology. His books include Ayurveda: Medicine of the Gods and Sexual Magick. More recently, Morgan has authored a sequence of books combining academic research with practical experimentation beginning with Tankhem: Seth & Egyptian Magick, The Bull of Ombos: Seth and Egyptian Magick II, The Ritual Year in Ancient Egypt, Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt, Phi-Neter: Power of the Egyptian Gods, and Isis: Goddess of Egypt & India.”
Morgan’s work demonstrating continuity of the Egyptian religious cult over wide geographic and temporal distances is insightful and adds rich complexity to our understanding of these ancient deities and the people who worship(ped) them. I very much appreciate Morgan’s work along these lines, exploring the depth of ancient religious tradition and its extension into modern times.
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