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The Changelog is a podcast about the world of open source. As open source has become closely tied with the entire software development lifecycle, The Changelog has expanded its coverage to the broader software industry.

Since starting the podcast ten years ago, Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo have become full-time podcasters, and they have started several other podcasts within the Changelog network, including Go Time, JS Party, and Practical AI. Throughout all of their shows, there is a consistent theme of technical, entertaining conversations about software.

In the last decade, so much has changed within open source: GitHub became the de facto social network for open source; Kubernetes created a widely used platform for distributed systems; React has given frontend developers a component system to consolidate around. Adam and Jerod return to the show to discuss their perspective on the past and future of open source, and their learnings from interviewing influential software professionals for 10 years.

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