Godot Game Engine with Juan Linietsky


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Building a game is not easy. The development team needs to figure out a unique design and gameplay mechanics that will attract players. There is a great deal of creative work that goes into making a game successful, and these games are often built with low budgets by people who are driven by the art and passion of game creation.

A game engine is a system used to build and run games. Game engines let the programmer work at a high level of abstraction, by providing interfaces for graphics, physics, and scripting. Popular game engines include Unreal Engine and Unity, both of which require a license that reduces the amount of money received by the game developer.

Godot is an open source and free to use game engine. The project was started by Juan Linietsky, who joins the show to discuss his motivation for making Godot. We have done some great shows on gaming in the past, which you can find on SoftwareDaily.com. Also, if you are interested in writing about game development, we have a new writing feature that you can check out by going to SoftwareDaily.com/write.

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