Episode 86 - Panicking About Gaining Weight and Getting Bullied


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Steven talks about how he got prank called and it trigger past anxiety of when he got mean prank calls in high school. Andrew talks about the anxiety of realizing you've gained weight after eating a lot after the holidays. He also talks about the anxiety of when someone you live with eats your leftovers. Dr. Deb pops in at the end to give them weight loss and exercise advice and advice on what to do if you're getting bullied. All three of them discuss the listener submitted anxiety topics including the anxiety of being home alone and hearing strange noises, anxiety about a possible insurrection after the inauguration and anxiety sideswiping someone with your car. Please send what made you anxious this week to be talked about on next week's episode to our social media! instagram: www.instagram.com/panicattackingpodcast and twitter www.twitter.com/podpanicattack and please leave us a review on iTunes! Now we are on Patreon as well at www.patreon.com/panicattacking for bonus episodes and content! Thank you for listening!

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