No Filler: Built To Spill's Keep It Like A Secret - The Definitive Indie Rock Album


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Built To Spill had already released 3 records and signed to Warner Bros before putting out their definitive record Keep It Like A Secret in 1999. From their 2nd album There's Nothing Wrong With Love to their 3rd record Perfect From Now On, the band transitioned from quick-witted indie pop to more progressive experimental indie rock. Keep It Like A Secret combined the two, resulting in the quintessential indie rock album just in time for the new millenium: soft vocals, introspective lyrics combined with melodic guitar riffs and complex song structures, all wrapped in catchy hooks and pop-centric melodies.

  1. Built To Spill - Center of the Universe
  2. Built To Spill - Carry The Zero
  3. Built To Spill - Else
  4. Built To Spill - Temporarily Blind
  5. Built To Spill - You Were Right
  6. Treepeople - Liquid Boy

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