Long May You Young 50: Our 50th Episode!


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It's our 50th episode and we invited all the Youngsters to join our celebration!

Oh man, what a ride it's been. It's crazy to think that this time last year we were throwing on Neil's first self-titled album and getting ready to see if this whole thing would work at all. Seriously. Luke didn't even know what Squirt was. Russ was only flirting with Ben Keith. And Mike had NO IDEA what he was getting himself into.

But what a year it ended up being! (For the podcast, anyway. Everything else about 2020 can go right straight to hell) From Nails to the Titular Bird to the Jacket to drinking an ungodly amount of Squirt, we've had a blast navigating the waters of all these albums. We even managed to talk about Neil Young on a few of them.

So from the bottom of our hearts, honestly, thank you all! This episode was so fun for us - getting to meet all of you and talk about our mutual obsession with old Shakey. There's no fan like a Neil fan, and you all prove that to the max. Thanks for being part of the podcast. Thanks for being a part of this episode. And thanks for being our friends. For real. Here's to another year of Young!

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