Author Spotlight: Aja Dorsey Jackson "The Almost Adventures of Plane Jane"


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This episode discusses Aja's inspiring Plane Jane series. We hear all about Jane working through both confidence and doubt, obstacles and opportunities to build her own plane and reach new heights.

Aja Dorsey Jackson is a Baltimore-based author, editor and mother of three. After writing several books as a ghostwriter, she published her first book, Making Love in the Microwave: A Busy Couple's Guide to a Great Marriage, in 2013, and has gone on to publish more than ten books through a combination of her own work and ghostwritten pieces.
Aja published her first children's book, Shine: A Bedtime Story, in 2019, followed by The Almost Adventures of Plane Jane. Her third children's book, Plane Jane and the Capital Bee, released in Summer 2021.
You can find her at and on Instagram at @ajadjackson.

Aja's books that feature Black characters solving problem and discovering the world! Make sure to check out Aja's warm and humorous tales of empowerment here:

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