Author Spotlight: Etaine Raphael, "Words Take Flight (The Rhyme-Time Twins)"


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This episode discusses Etaine's beautiful book on the power of our unique differences. We chat about the importance of inclusiveness, Etaine's roots and Irish proverbs, and her artistry which shines through the entire book!

Etaine Raphael is the author-illustrator of The Rhyme-Time Twins series, which has just begun! She was born and raised in Washington, D.C, and currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Northern Virginia. Before embarking on a writing career, she worked as a physical therapist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, mostly with men and women who had sustained traumatic amputations from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She now delights in writing and illustrating children's picture books and feels constantly inspired by her daughters to continue this mode of storytelling.

Her debut children's picture book, A Blueberry Day, was released in March 2020.

We are patiently awaiting the release of her third book, Search for Silver, releasing on May 23, 2022!

Etaine enjoys writing on inclusion, friendship, kindness, empathy, time in nature, and family togetherness.

Check out Etaine's books here:

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