Is My Friend Really My Friend? w/ Jessica Speer


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Remember the time when you had a FQ (friendship quarrel) with your BFF? How do you handle the situation? Do you feel that friend is a real friend or not really a friend?

Because the truth is even best friends don't always get along, and that is OKAY!

The author's spotlight is on Jessica Speer today. With her master's degree in Social Science, Jessica explores the social-emotional topics and ways that connect kids' relationships.

Her book, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends): A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships, grew from her friendship program, which strengthened social awareness and helped kids learn to navigate common friendship struggles.

In this episode, we discuss preteen/teen friendships from a social and emotional perspective. Jessica shares how we (not only our kids) grow and outgrow friendships, the importance of skills and awareness building, and how we can guide and support our children when they encounter friendship struggles at school.

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Grab BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends): A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships a book by Jessica Speer


Connect with Jessica Speer on:

>> Instagram: @jessica_speer_author

>> Twitter: @SpeerAuthor

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