Pints & Politics UK: Episode 23 - Big overview of Matt Hancock debacle, Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid want to remove all coronavirus restrictions, booster jabs prepped for pandemic response, Gavin Williamson wants to ban mobiles from the classroom and a l


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Jonny and Gus come in with a bumper episode that has to negate the usual US section.

Big Topic: Matt Hancock debacle unpacked. Where does this leave the legitimacy of the UK Government?
Other Topics: Booster jabs prepped for the Autumn and the Winter, Gavin Williamson wants a ban on mobiles in schools, Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid want quick end to restrictions, and Chris Witty harassed.
Debate: What more needs to be done to help LGBTQ+ legitimacy?

And a happy Pride Month to anybody who was celebrating in June! There is also discussion on the possibilities of the Batley and Spen by-election, although talk was before the results actually came through, early on Friday morning.

Island Meet And Greet by Kevin MacLeod

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