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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we share with you a beginners guide to a plant-based diet focusing on all the vocabulary you need to know when going plant-based or vegan. There are a lot of you out there who are just starting and have not had a ton of exposure to some of the staples or ingredients. So we are going to help you get on your way to feeling like a plant-based diet and lifestyle is eventually going to be easy...or at least easier.

We promise, once you are at it long enough you’ll feel like it is easy. But with everything, there is a learning curve. This podcast was inspired by one of our listeners...so thank you, Kathleen!

Please share this with every newbie out there as it will save them a lot of time in the grocery store and researching online.

In this episode we discuss:

Plant-based diet

Food Synonyms


Nuts and seeds

Protein is everywhere

How do you pronounce quinoa

Pulses, legumes, beans…



Sea veggies

How to know if it’s dairy?

How to know if it contains animal products?

Results may vary

B12 & Vit D

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