Como falo em inglês: Vai quebrar paradigmas


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What’s up? Hoje, no podcast Inglês Online, dois idioms do inglês relacionados a originalidade e inovação (veja também este episódio sobre inovação!). Um deles é uma das maneiras de dizer “vai quebrar/quebrou paradigmas” em português. Não perca este pod.


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So, I’ll kick off this episode with a question: what is a cookiecutter approach? What is a cookie-cutter way of doing things? First of all think of what a cookie-cutter is. It is a sort of mold with a round shape, or maybe shaped like a square, or a heart… It’s usually made of some kind of metal and nowadays we have lots of silicone molds as well.

So, one day you decide to bake some cookies. So, you go to the kitchen, you make cookie dough and you roll it out using a roller pin. Now it’s time to cut your cookies using your favourite mold. Let’s say it’s a star-shaped cookie-cutter mold. So you go ahead and you cut all your star-shaped cookies, and then you bake them.

You have now exactly twelve cookies shaped like stars, and they all look exactly the same. So, that’s the cookie-cutter’s job: to make all cookies look exactly the same. So, let’s say you decide to open a clothes store and you’re going to use a cookie-cutter approach. That means you’re going to do exactly the same things that every other clothes store does: you’re going to have shelves, and lots of racks with clothes hanging from them. You’re going to have a staff of sales attendants, and every time a potential customer walks in, one of the sales people will walk up to them and ask “Can I help?”

So, that’s what every other clothes shop you’ve ever been to does. And you think, “Well, there must be a reason why all those other shops do this. It must work!” So, that would be a cookie-cutter approach – it’s exactly the same as other shops – and I’m not saying it is necessarily a bad approach or a good approach, but it’s a cookie-cutter approach.

Now, let’s say you think about it for a couple of days and you have now actually changed your mind about opening a cookie-cutter shop! At this point, you’re thinking about opening a shop where all the clothes will be lying around on couches. You know, sofas. It will be like a messy bedroom and you think most people will feel at home – because most people you know are messy, anyway.

So, clothes will be lying around and there will be beautiful shopping baskets, and people will collect the pieces they’re interested in and then walk over to the fitting rooms, where they’ll be able to try the clothes on. Also, there’ll be no tills. Customer will have two options: they can pay using their cell phone, or they can use the self-scan stations inside the store. And instead of shop attendants, there will be fashion consultants to guide customers on what looks best on them.

So, if someone thinks this sounds like a supermarket – nope! No way. It’s messy and self-serviced, but you’re thinking if you bring in some street performers and an oyster bar, customers will have a blast. In fact, you think this will be such a huge success… it will be a game-changer. Other shops will start copying what you did. You will win awards; your success story will turn into a business case and will be discussed in classrooms all over the world. It will be a game-changer.

Of course, you don’t need to achieve worldwide fame to do something that is a game-changer. You could ask the canteen at your school to make their potato mash using fresh potatoes instead of the powder mix they’ve always used, and, I mean… That would be a game-changer, at least for me if that’s where I eat lunch.

So, can you think of an example? What happened in your life recently, or a while ago, that was a real game-changer? GPS on cell-phones was a game-changer in my life, I can tell you that. I never got lost again. So, tell me yours! See you soon.

Key expressions

  • cookie-cutter way or approach
  • a game-changer


kick off = começar, dar o pontapé inicial

rolling pin = (qual é o nome? Rolo de cozinha?)

fitting room = provador (UK)

till = caixa (de loja, onde o cliente paga pela compra)

have a blast = adorar, se divertir muito

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