124. Draft Day - Movie Deep Dive with special guest David Kaplan - Pointless Exercise Podcast


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It's a special edition of the Movie Deep Dive Podcast and Andy and Mike Pusateri are joined by a man with an inexplicable love of the 2014 Kevin Costner-Jennifer Garner classic "Draft Day." It's ESPN 1000 Chicago and NBC Sports Net Chicago's David Kaplan. The guys break down the movie, try to figure out why everyone in the movie seems to have been blindsided by the fact there is a draft, evaluate Sonny Weaver Jr's trade offers, Bo Callahan's birthday party guest list, Vontae Mack's measurables and Brian Drew's office ransacking ability. They even do the math on just how long it would have really taken Anthony Molina (the owner, not the other guy) to get from Radio City Music Hall to the Browns practice facility. Kick back and enjoy the podcast you "pancake eating m'fer!"

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