132 - Remember This Crap? - 1977 Cubs - Pointless Exercise Podcast presented by Manscaped™


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When the 2021 Cubs tied the 1977 team for best record in May, it made us wonder what the hell happened to those 1977 Cubs. They had an 8.5 game lead and finished 20 games out of first, somehow. So, Mike D. and I brought in old friend Frank Nova (we needed somebody old enough to remember), and here's your chance to learn more than you ever wanted to about Jerry Morales, Bobby Murcer, Ray Burris, Manny Trillo, Rick Reuschel, Bruce Sutter and the the '77 Cubs. Hear disturbing anecdotes about Herman Franks, Mick Kelleher and George Mitterwald, and so much more.

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