Mastering The Zone - Present Time Conciousness In Your Sacred Adjusting Area


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One of the most important aspects of practice is mastering your to stay 100% connected to source and maintain your PTC. Listen in as I share my rituals, what to do and not to do as you enter what I consider a sacred and healing place...your adjustment zone. TOPIC: "Mastering "The Zone" - Present Time Consciousness In Your Sacred Adjusting Area" On This Call, I Will Share With You: 3 mistakes chiropractors make that are practice KILLERS Your BEST morning rituals to get into your optimal headspace The WHITE LINE...what is it and what is it used for? Creating a I limit interference in my adjustment T-bar Secrets to maintaining your's as simple as this 1 step Conquering time and making it your SLAVE to serve more. Top 3 challenges with the talkative patient...and how to find the OFF button Educating your patients on your MISSION and explaining VOLUME in your practice. Headspace 101 - How to embrace 3 hours of PTC.

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