Objection Management 101


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In order to turn a prospect into a patient, you must first master the skill of objection management. Join Dr. Mike as he walks you through the much needed skill set of objection management to identify the patient’s needs, create solutions and build a win-win outcome for a mutually beneficial relationship. TOPIC: “Objection Management 101” On This Master Talk, We’ll Discuss: What an objection truly is…and what it is not! “I appreciate your honesty!” and other rapport tools that are extremely effective. How these 2 SIMPLE WORDS can break 99% of your objections. How to determine if it’s time, money or YOU! Deciphering the “PRIMARY VALUE” and building it into your objection management. How to create a default option when ALL your O.M. is exhausted to capture a 95% closure rate. The power of the 24 hour FOLLOW-UP. And a lot more!

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