20 Tips For Being a Good House Guest


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It's not that hard: don't be a slob, help out, and save the hanky panky for your own home! We break down the 20 tips for being a good house guest. [Spoiler Alert - we don't agree with them all]

The ultimate list of things you should not do:

  1. Wipe your greasy hands on your sofa
  2. Put your feet on the sofa
  3. Go upstairs without asking
  4. Brings dog without asking
  5. Go through the medicine cabinet
  6. Come in without knocking
  7. Break wind
  8. Change TV channel without asking
  9. Not take hints to leave
  10. Ask to stay the night
  11. Turn up unannounced
  12. Turn up late
  13. Go for a ‘number two’
  14. Ask to plug the electric car in
  15. Walk in without taking shoes off
  16. Put a drink on a table without a place mat
  17. Make themselves a drink
  18. Leave the toilet seat up
  19. Ask for some food
  20. Ask for the Wi-Fi password

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