Our Weekend with the PS5! - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 43


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Greg and Blessing have the PlayStation 5. Let's see what they can say. Plus, Sucker Punch swings by to talk Ghost os Tsushima: Legends! The PS5 was provided by PlayStation for review. 00:00:00 - Start 00:07:30 - Housekeeping 00:09:22 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW: WE HAVE THE PS5 00:11:08 - Unboxing Talk 00:12:00 - The DualSense, how does it feel? - Charles Jakobsen 00:16:50 - What gives with the lack of colors for the DualSense at launch? Is this just a production issue? - Eric Koval 00:27:00 - What can you tell me about my most anticipated game of the year Astro Playroom! In particular does it have a plat and how easy does it seem? - Mark Freeman 00:45:40 - How you actually wound up with one of those great, big beautiful boxes at your doorstep - Jeremy Creamer (ADD the Ghos clip here)00:56:53 - GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: LEGENDS INTERVIEW 00:57:53 - Ads 00:58:30 - Playstation Updates 00:59:15 - Ghost of Tsushima: Legends’s Raid is incoming - PlayStation Blog 01:03:40 - Sucker Punch Hiring for Ghost of Tsushima 2? - Alessandro Barbosa @ GameSpot 01:11:45 - Destruction All-Stars is delayed, PS Plus Game - PS Blog 01:25:40 - TLOU: Remastered Has gotten an update - Vikki Blake @ Games Radar 01:26:30 - Travis Scott has joined PlayStation - PlayStation Blog 01:35:45 - PS5 Day One Streaming Apps Revealed - PlayStation Blog 01:38:00 - Playstation Picks 01:38:30 - MISSED FROM LAST WEEK 01:45:22 - TROPHIES AND CHILL

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