PS5 Revealed - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 23


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IT HAPPENED: the PlayStation 5 is real. Join Greg, Blessing, Andy, and Tim for a live recap and freakout. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:02:38 - Housekeeping IT’S A HUGE WEEK OF EVENTS TLOU2 Review is Friday at 12:01 am pt! This means that NEXT week is your TLOU Questions answered. Core Game Jam is Friday after KFGD! The Kinda Funny Showcase is back, but it’s called the Guerilla Collective! We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Media Indie Exchange to do a three-day showcase featuring nearly 90 games! It all kicks off Saturday at it’s NEW START TIME of 9 am PT on twitch! Be like our Patreon Producers:Mohammed Mohammed, Conner Nolan, James Hastings, Sancho West Gaming, Julian the Gluten Free Gamer, Delaney Twining, Aaron Bonilla, Jeffrey Long, Jesus Berio (BentFork_PR) This Week’s X’s and O’s 00:03:50 - The PS5 Event Post-Show 00:13:50 - Thoughts on the box? 00:18:50 - GTA V - EXpanded and enhanced 00:22:52 - Spider-Man: Miles MoraLES 00:27:30 - Games that got dates 00:33:10 - Ratchet and clank RIFT APART 00:34:20 - Ghostwire 00:37:00 - Year 3 of PS5 00:42:00 - Demon Souls 00:44:00 - REVIII 00:45:20 - PRAGMATA 00:46:00 - Project Athia 00:46:50 - Are you surprised by the amount of exclusives games - TheNanoBiologist 00:54:52 - One thing that stuck out to me was when in closing, they said ""We believe in generational transitions"". This struck me as interesting, since Xbox seems to trying to be unifying the generations. Which style do you think people are more on board for? - Riot Goes Woof 01:09:40 - We just learned that the PS5 will have an all digital version,what do you think the price difference between versions will be? - Ignacio Rojas

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