Shadow of the Colossus Review - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 33


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After 15 years of never making it beyond the first colossi, Greg has beaten Team Ico's classic. Now, he and Blessing discuss. Time Stamps - 00:07:18 - Housekeeping DC FanDome is SATURDAY, and we’re treating it like Greg Miller’s personal E3. Greg and the Kinda Funny crew will be on all day long reacting to the panels for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, WB Montreal’s game, the Snyder cut, and every other DC movie. It all starts at 10 am PT, so don’t miss it! Be like our Patreon Producers:Mohammed Mohammed, Julian the Gluten Free Gamer, Skin Tight Salmon, Jeffrey Long, Sancho West, & James Hastings This Week’s X’s and O’s 00:08:15 - Shadow of The Colossus Review 01:13:00 - Playstation Picks PlayStation Updates 01:21:57 - Ghost of Tsushima is getting a Co-op expansion - Darren Bridges @ PS Blog 01:35:50 - Sony’s Working on their 'Next Generation' VR Headset, But It Might Not Be PSVR - Joe Skrebels @ IGN 01:40:50 - The Last of Us Part 2 got an update, adding Grounded Difficulty - @Jonathon Dornbush @ IGN 01:45:20 - PSN Profile of the Week: JeffreyPLong

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