Should Sony Delay the PS5? - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 35


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Greg and Blessing tackle the argument that Sony should delay the PlayStation 5, talk about more PlayStation games coming to PC, and more! Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:04:30 - Housekeeping Lots of Avengers stuff! My first playthrough up now on, Streaming Thursday and Friday on Be like our Patreon Producers:Mohammed Mohammed, Julian the Gluten Free Gamer, Skin Tight Salmon, Jeffrey P. Long, Sancho West, James Hastings 00:15:15 - TOPIC OF THE SHOW:Should Sony Delay the PlayStation 5? 01:02:13 - The PS5’s Launch Lineup Is Looking A Lot Better - Dave Thier @ Forbes This Week’s X’s and O’s 01:05:40 - There was an SIE report that came out Friday with some key takeaways about the company’s future - Tom Ivan @ Video Games Chronicle PS5 Watch Quick Hits: 01:17:25 - Patent: Could Dualsense Detect Users? - Adam Bankhurst @ IGN 01:24:02 - Playstation Picks 01:31:52- Playstation Updates 01:37:50 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing 01:44:20 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg 01:58:40 -TROPHIES AND CHILL - PSN Profile - Ravenholm Tourist

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