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Oftentimes as women, we can shy away from asking for what we really need. We can sometimes compromise our true desires in exchange for the appearance of seeming more agreeable and polite. But is this habit really serving us in the long run?

Maybe we could radically change our lives by having the courage to ask for what we really deserve. Or – per the advice of my next guest Dia Bondi – you should ask for more than what you think you deserve to get what you really need and settle for no less.

When she decided to attend auctioneering school for fun, Dia Bondi discovered some life-altering lessons that she now teaches to women all around the world today. She created a program called Ask Like an Auctioneer, where she guides women on clarifying their own ideal terms and prepares them to negotiate with confidence to get what they really need to go to the next level in their careers.

We talk about why the #ZOFO (Zone of freaking out) is where the best possible outcome comes from, how to feel secure stating what you are worth, and how to adopt practices from auctioneers to manage your career success on your terms.

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