Calling in your Aligned Partner 💕


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My inbox gets flooded EVERY single time I talk about creating space to call in your aligned partner. In fact, it’s one of my FAVOURITE conversations to have.

If this conversation excites you also, I’m curious . . . do your actions match your words? Do your actions match your desires?

If your response is not a YES & FUCK YES … then this episode was literally made for you.

The work, it seriously works! But do you even know what work to be doing?

For the woman who is ready to open her heart up to love, Prince Charming isn’t going to come knocking on your front door WITHOUT us first being intentional, living in alignment and becoming deeply anchored to the truth of our standards, needs and desires.

And in this episode I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

I dive deep into:

👉 My 5 step process to create the internal energetic space to call in your aligned partner

👉 How to create clarity on what your unique standards, desires, needs and boundaries are, AND how to show up for them

👉 A courageous embodiment practice you can immediately implement to signal to the universe you’re READY, you’re WILLING, and you’re OPEN for what it is that you say that you are here for

… and so much more

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