It’s COMING! Introducing the Raw, Real & Vulnerable Podcast 🔥


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This podcast has been coming for SUCH a long time and I can not believe it’s FINALLY here.

Raw, Real and Vulnerable is the podcast where we can leave the filtered curated and socially acceptable version of ourselves at the theoretical door and walk into a world of radical self expression, true authenticity and deep vulnerability.

In these episodes not only will you hear real, authentic and vulnerable conversations, but you'll also be provided with tools that you can start to implement in your daily life to support you in creating positive, effective change.

So if you are ready to :

🍆 Say a big f**k you to stigma

🔥Take your power back from any thought that you have ever handed your personal power over to

💦 Reclaim your life and start living on your own empowered terms

… You're in the right place, and I cannot wait to start this journey with you
I get SO lit up by every single conversation I have with my community 💜 so if you can't wait for episode one to drop screenshot this episode, tag me and come and say hi on Instagram @bekantonucci

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