The Backlash of Not Setting Boundaries


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My question to you this week is … where did YOU learn about boundaries? Who taught you how to set boundaries? Were your primary care givers embodied within their own boundaries? Or were they people pleasers? For so many of us this is not a conversation that has ever been had in our world, especially not at our young integral and developmental ages.

Do you feel like you can set AND uphold your own boundaries in life? Have you ever taken notice of what happens when you don’t uphold them? And, more importantly, what can YOU do to make sure you take notice of - and ACT ON - that beautiful voice inside that tells us when something isn’t quite right for us?

This week I’m flying solo and I’m going in DEEP about a topic very close to my heart - BOUNDARIES! In this episode, I’m taking you through a very personal - and recent - experience that reconfirmed to me just how important it is to uphold your boundaries… AND what happens when you don’t!

When you listen this week if this episode hits home and resonates I want you to first remember that this ISN’T your fault - we aren’t taught these things… and promise me now that you are aware you’ll take action because… nothing changes if nothing changes.
In this episode I cover:

🔥 Why it’s so important to stand behind your boundaries and really LISTEN to your inner voice

🔥 How ignoring your intuition and not speaking your boundaries leads to UNCOMFORTABLE outcomes for everyone!

🔥 How to recognise, reprogram and repattern boundary-setting to create more EASE in your life

…and so much more
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