088 - Is an MBA Worth it? And How to Prepare Financially?


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In this episode James and Scott discuss whether or not an MBA is worth it and how best to prepare financially.

Questions discussed: Is an MBA worth it? What's the best way to prepare financially for an MBA? What are the benefits of an MBA? What do I want my MBA to do for me?

Planning Points Discussed

  • Personal Development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Aligning Your Investments with Financial Goals


2:30 - Listener Question

4:02 - Investing In Personal Education

5:00 - Is an MBA a Worthy Investment?

6:20 - Investing To Pay For an MBA

8:04 - How To View Student Loans

9:35 - How Much Debt Is Too Much Debt?

11:00 - Finding Your "MBA" Mentor

12:30 - Aligning Your Money With Your Life



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