183 Remember Your Client’s SPARK with Michael J. Maher and Todd Buckley


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Episode: 183

Title: Remember Your Client’s SPARK

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Todd Buckley

Description: Want to learn a system where you always keep your clients number one? Todd Buckley is our guest today and he shares how he and his boutique real estate team in Michigan do that on a daily basis. He calls this client care system SPARK and it stands for Special, Personal, Activity, Recreation, Knowledge. Listen in to this great conversation about how he keeps his clients number one and how his team implements this also. Plus, Michael issues a challenge to all podcast listeners! Be the first to listen to this episode, implement the SPARK system today, and then post your results inside the GenGen Facebook group! First one to do it gets a prize!!! Not a member of our private Facebook group? No worries, just go to www.JoinGenGen.com and join us for FREE!

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