S2E9: 6 pieces of financial advice to change your life!


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  1. Don’t just pocket your raise. Invest half of it into your savings … every time: Some advice is so good you can take it to the bank. When you get your next raise save half, you’ll never miss it
  2. If you can’t pay in full for what you’re buying, don’t charge it: Credit cards should be used as a financial convenience, not a crutch. That is the underlying message I try to instill in all my clients.
  3. It’s never too late to learn new ways to invest: Along with my safe money investments with the power of properly structured cash value life insurance, a diversified income and dividend paying stock portfolio, a few years ago I started teaching myself about crypto and have been dabbling and now I’m convinced this can be a power part of building a residual income portfolio!
  4. Put your goals down and go to work, set a budget for all your needs, including fun: Trying to stick to a diet that is so rigid you can never eat what you really love is a waste of time because you’re going to blow it. The same is true of a hyper-strict budget.
  5. Retirement is easy to solve if you start saving in early: I love teaching the importance of saving for retirement to young people early on. I was pretty good with money in my early 20s, and I can say that I looked at other successful people and figured it out.
  6. Family is always more important than money: People make a lot of jokes about how annoying or difficult family can be. However if you peel back the onion it’s usually family that has our backs in the end. One of the most important pieces of financial wisdom I can impart on you is probably less to do with how to make money than how to use it well!

The post S2E9: 6 pieces of financial advice to change your life! first appeared on The Family Business.

The post S2E9: 6 pieces of financial advice to change your life! appeared first on The Family Business.

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