45. Munger Moss Motel Ramona Lehman FINAL


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Ramona Lehman is just as iconic as The Munger Moss Motel and recently celebrated 50 years as the owner and operator of this Missouri Route 66 must see stop along The Mother Road.

Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with Ramona about

  • How does an Iowa farm girl wind up on Route 66?
  • Honeymooning along Route 66
  • Early history of The Munger Moss Motel
  • Origin of the Munger Moss Name
  • Remembering her late husband, Bob Lehman
  • Helping businesses along Route 66 get established
  • The early days when Ramona arrived at The Munger Moss
  • Discovering garages that were once part of the motel
  • Ramona’s room recommendation at The Munger Moss
  • Long term residents at The Munger Moss
  • The Munger Moss: To sell or not to sell?
  • Will the children carry on the Munger Moss tradition?
  • The world famous Munger Moss Neon sign
  • Celebrating 50 years at The Munger Moss
  • Most memorable guests to walk through the door
  • Meeting the original owner many years later – Emmitt Moss
  • Maintaining the Munger Moss sign
  • Constant flow of picture takers along Route 66
  • Most popular Munger Moss items for sale in the lobby
  • Bob Lehman’s prized toy collection
  • The biggest challenge in 50 years at The Munger Moss
  • The very first in-ground pool in Lebanon, Missouri arrives at The Munger Moss
  • Ramona’s last vacation
  • Preserving Route 66 for future generations
  • Is Ramona as famous locally as she is with Route 66 travelers?
  • Ramona’s Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren visiting at The Munger Moss
  • Sales pitch for The Munger Moss 2021
  • Next item on Ramona’s Bucket list
  • A Ramona Lehman Revelation: Where hasn’t she been along Route 66? (The answer WILL surprise you!)
  • Long Live Route 66


Article: Ramona celebrates 50 years on Route 66 (2021)

Article: Bob and Ramona celebrate 45 years on Route 66 (2016)

Website: Munger Moss Motel

Facebook Page: Munger Moss Motel

Video: Munger Moss featured on KYW News (2019)

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