449 - She can make you money FAST: Tom interviews Esther Inman


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Esther Inman is the CEO and founder of Virtual Assistant Internship and the host of Help Me Work Online. Over the years, Esther has helped thousands of women from all walks of life across the world work online as virtual assistants, creating virtual careers that they just love. Esther has been a guest on Her Life by Design and featured on Future Sharks, Career Shifters and Growth Lab, among other outlets.

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03:27 Tom's introduction to Esther Inman

05:27 Getting a Virtual Assistant in the U.S.

12:36 Working from home can help your mental health

15:24 Opportunity cost being lost

19:47 Not just takes a village, but sponsored a village

22:55 Virtual Assistant program

25:38 Sponsor message

27:44 A typical day for Esther

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