450 - She's back with great book marketing tips: Tom interviews Judith Briles


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Judith Briles is here. And in addition to having some secret sauce, she's an award winning and best selling author of 37 books, including over forty five book awards for her publishing marketing books and just a sample of some of them, Author You, creating and building your author and book platforms, snappy, sassy, salty, wise words for authors and publishers, The Crowdfunding Guide.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 450

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04:17 Tom's introduction to Judith Briles

06:08 Start marketing TODAY

12:52 Don't forget to "market" your front and back covers

18:07 Two specific things your website has to have to market your book

24:14 Social media platforms to use

31:10 Book stores, book fairs, farmer's markets and Amazon

44:50 Sponsor message

46:33 Working with Judith on your book

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