451 - Are you making these common online mistakes?: Tom talks Booby Traps


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I call these mistakes that people make "booby traps" because many of them are hidden and then they hurt you really bad before you even know what hit you. So that's a booby trap online. I can teach new online marketers to do these things correctly, but the worst are experienced business people who have had great success in one field and then decide to go online and then they fail miserably.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 451

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04:01 Tom's introduction to Booby Traps

10:34 Mobile and keyword research

11:46 Sales and discount coupons

13:03 Social media is a necessary evil

14:40 Getting sucked in with fancy sales letters

16:14 Learning copywriting techniques and using them ethically

17:24 Not using video

18:36 No targeting

20:46 Keeping your website updated

21:59 Readability and usability

28:06 Simple SEO

30:18 Avoiding paid traffic

31:41 Spamming

33:18 Getting really good at email

34:28 Not being persistent and trying to do too many things

37:40 Poor customer service

39:25 Check your voicemail messages

40:31 Sponsor message

43:12 Producing too much content

46:11 Remarketing

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