#InvestorSpotlight: Demetri Boundris, Comfort Living Properties


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What you will learn from today's episode:

  • Find out an investment strategy that can weather down any economic or market downturns
  • Learn about what economic fundamentals you should consider in choosing the market you invest in
  • Discover strategies to prepare properly, give your business a good cushion, and have a reserve fund for any market reversals



Demetri Boundris is a passionate professional real estate investor, realtor, and entrepreneur. He thrives on helping others achieve their goals by investing in real estate. He has invested in real estate for 14 years in areas that exhibit excellent economic fundamentals. With his knowledge and experience, he has acquired properties that provide exceptional returns on investment capital.

In this episode, Demetri shares how investing in commercial multifamily properties allowed him a buffer from any economic losses and how anyone can get involved in real estate investing by becoming an active or passive investor. And with that, whichever way you do it, you can still expect something great to happen in your life.

Topics Covered:

01:00 - Sharing his background in real estate investing

02:03 - The type of commercial real estate that he has invested in

02:54 - What ignited his interest in real estate at an early stage in his life

04:33 - Why he is engaging in bigger deals

05:57 - Reasons why he is dealing with multifamily investing

07:11 - His latest BRRRR property

08:24 - What kind of property was his five-plex when he acquired it?

10:09 - How long is the turnaround for his recent BRRRR property

11:31 - His market preference for his BRRRR properties and why he has a good reason to invest there

12:55 - Preparing for the bad times

14:27 - What sets him apart from other investors and the creative ways you can create more income

17:30 - Lessons learned from his real estate investing journey

18:39 - Is real estate investing for everyone, and what are the two ways you can be investing in real estate

Key Takeaways:

"The main reason why I invested in real estate was basically for time and to have some options in my life. By making some extra cash flow and having some financial freedom down the road from real estate, I could do what I want with my time." - Demetri Boundris

"It [multifamily commercial properties] produces a little bit more cash flow as well like economies of scale so the more units, generally, really do that. That's one of the reasons why I do like it." - Demetri Boundris

"[His unfair advantage] I think it's finding creative ways to generate more income and properties that some others don't see, like, adding lockers, renting a garage on the property that someone didn't see the opportunity to do, and adding a laundry room." - Demetri Boundris

"Don't pass up on a good deal." - Demetri Boundris

"I don't think it's [real estate investing] for everybody, certainly being an active realtor. But I do think that to some degree, real estate investing can be for everybody. Some people may just want to do it passively. They just want to invest the money and let somebody else take care of everything else, but it certainly can do a lot for someone's life." - Demetri Boundris

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