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Ed Matthews is the Director of Marketing & COO of CTREIA. CTREIA was founded in 2004 and is the largest real estate investors and apartment owners association in the Northeast. Together, CTREIA and its people provide motivation, networking, funding, insurance, and coaching for investors in Connecticut and throughout the US.

In this episode, Ed shares his experience with CTREIA – what inspired him to be part of it, what he loves about the work that they do, and the fast-growing community they have right now in the middle of this pandemic. He also talks about the quick transition they had from traditional meetings and now diving into the wonders of the digital world.

What you’ll learn in just 14 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn about the things CTREIA can help you with in order to have your first / next property;
  • Discover how you can grow your community in the middle of this pandemic;
  • Valuable insights you can apply in your real estate practice as we transition from traditional meetings to digital ones


Topics Covered:

00:58 – CTREIA: The fifth largest REIA in the country with over a thousand members and about 12 thousand people coming in and out each month

01:45 – Starting as a networking organization then later on growing into a mentoring one to help numerous ‘dreamers’ across the country

03:08 – CTREIA’s current situation in relation to the pandemic: a blessing in a curse

04:15 – Doing more meetings and filling their calendar make it more interesting by the day

06:44 – Spending 10 years in CTREIA and how wonderful of an experience it is

08:09 – Ed being thankful for the things he can do now because he is part of CTREIA

10:50 – Seeing how CTREIA’s community grows throughout the years

12:05 – CTREIA’s plans for 2022

Key Takeaways:

“We’re all reading the same book; it’s just that some of us are a few chapters ahead.” – Ed Matthews

“As our CEO says, it’s very difficult to be in a meeting business when you can’t meet. So, we fully embraced the digital world, and fortunately, we’re able to not only keep our members’ appetite for information satiated, but we also grew our membership over that time as well which is really exciting.” – Ed Matthews

“We’re trying to fill our calendar and serve our membership so that when someone says their hand and says I’m ready, we got quite a bit of resources that they can access.” – Ed Matthews

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