#RealEstateClub/AssociationSpotlight: Utah Real Estate Investors Association, Geoff Dearing


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Geoff Dearing has been in real estate for over 19 years. He has extensive experience with real estate investments specializing in commercial and residential cash-flow property. He has taught these concepts to thousands of students all over the world. He currently invests in storage units, apartment complexes, SFH's, and development. He created the Utah Real Estate Investors Association in 2013 and currently presides as the President.

In this episode, Geoff shares how he started Utah REIA with his wife and what motivated them to start their own real estate investment organization. He also shares why it is beneficial for real estate investors to join a club and how COVID affected their organization.

Checkout: REAL ESTATE CLUB/ASSOCIATION SPOTLIGHT: https://www.utahreia.org/

What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out what Utah REIA is all about and
  • Learn about the reasons why a real estate investor should belong to a real estate investors organization
  • Discover the benefits of being a member of a real estate investors association

Key Takeaways:

“So I looked into options and found that there was no local national REIA chapter here in Utah. And I thought, you know, why not take what, and a curriculum I developed a little bit, which should give us almost a year's worth of teaching topics, and work with the National REIA, to bring in some additional benefits, like with Home Depot and some other national service providers and, you know, provide another opportunity, cause there, there were a couple other clubs operating at the time.” - Geoff Dearing

“Well, I think the by far the biggest benefit is the cost for the benefit, I mean, a membership to our organization starts around $120 annually, little under 10 bucks, you know, like 10 bucks a month, where you'll have these really expensive coaching programs or education programs, as they call them, that can run into the 10s of 1000s, if not hundreds of 1000s of dollars.” - Geoff Dearing

“I think the other benefit is that they get to rub shoulders with active real estate investors like yourself, who are actually doing what they want to do. And it's a way to really get the reality and the possibilities brought home.” - Dave Dubeau

“Yeah, that was another point I was definitely going to tackle is, that it allows you to not only because we have primarily local speakers from other successful investors, so people can come and pick those teachers' brains you know and get to know them. And that also attracts other investors wanting to learn” - Geoff Dearing

“Yeah, but after they see other people succeed, and like you said, they take that and they're like, I can do that. You know, I've seen numerous people, rather than jumping into their first home, they say, hey, I can do bigger and I'm going to do an apartment syndication.”- Geoff Dearing

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