Ep 131: PTSD and Suicide Prevention for CRNAs and SRNAs


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A significant number of people in our country are dealing with the effects of PTSD and it often goes overlooked or ignored. With the amount of added pressure CRNAs and SRNAs have due to the job, it shouldn’t be a surprise that suicides happen too often among our peers. So how do you identify issues and help those you think might be struggling? We’ve asked mental health experts Jerry Hogan, DNSc, CRNA and Chuck Griffis, PhD, CRNA to join the show to help us all learn more about the struggles people are facing and what can be done to prevent suicides in the future.

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What we discuss on this episode:

4:31 – Background on Jerry

8:40 – Background on Chuck

13:15 – Why this topic is so important right now

16:19 – How PTSD goes undiagnosed

21:48 – Examples of PTSD in CRNAs

25:54 – The amount of people affected by this

29:26 – CRNAs prone to suicide

34:35 – If you know someone that might be facing this

41:08 – Statistics

42:43 – Resources the AANA offers

50:25 – How do you know if you have PTSD?

56:27 – Improving education

59:53 – Study Griffis is doing

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