Ep 134: The State of the US Housing Market: Crash or Opportunity?


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Home values continue to rise all across the country and it has many people thinking back to the crash of 2008. Are there parallels or is this time different? Josh Mettle of NEO Home Loans joins the show to share his data and insight into the real estate market. Plus, he’ll tell us how he helps CRNAs secure a mortgage with a 1099 income.

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What we discuss on this episode:

2:33 – Introducing our guest Josh

3:48 – His background

6:44 – The book that impacted Jeremy

9:45 – Who are you mentoring?

13:36 – 2008 housing crash

17:04 – How today’s housing market isn’t like 2008

18:53 – Josh’s view of the real estate market

24:12 – Does this take into account census data?

26:42 – Existing homes for sale

28:37 – The demand side of the equation

37:47 – What should you be doing today in real estate?

41:05 – Mortgages for 1099 employees

46:34 – Commercial properties

50:07 – Final thoughts

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