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In the eighty-eighth episode we explore Conflating Views, starting with Trump lumping New Mexicans in with Californians regarding the Wall and claiming Biden had vowed to defund the police; and Candace Owens suggesting Rittenhouse disbelievers were more charitable to OJ.

In Mark's British Politics Corner we look at Priti Patel being unsympathetic to immigrants (shock!) in the wake of the Liverpool taxi bomb last week.

In the Fallacy in the Wild section, we check out examples from Gone With The Wind, Breast Men, and The West Wing.

Jim and Mark go head to head in Fake News, the game in which Mark has to guess which of three Trump quotes Jim made up.

Then we talk about the various ways anti-vaxxers are trying to detox after taking the vaccine.

And finally, we round up some of the other crazy Trump stories from the past week.

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