Wellbeing Series: Tapping With Melanie Moore


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Melanie Moore is the UK’s leading Vision Board expert and award winning coach.

She inspires her clients to tap into their Big Vision, and gives them the mindset tools to change the trajectory of their lives.

She helps people at a crossroads in their life to get clear on their Big Vision, then to commit to this vision by taking bold action towards their goals and creating their dream life.

She is the host of Big Vision TV and the creator of Transformational Neural Technique ® - a unique process that clears the past which then clears the path so that lasting transformation can happen. Melanie is on a mission to help millions of people to dream bigger, think bigger and act bigger.

I invited Melanie on to talk in depth about one of my favourite tools. EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping.

We talk about how possible it is to make changes in your life that will enable you to take action, and change...wherever you're staring from!

I hope you enjoy!


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