Episode 8


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On this episode, we'll speak with social justice organizations across the state who are being challenged by new legislation that they believe impedes their rights to assemble peacefully. We look at the future of evictions in Oklahoma and the recent extension of the federal eviction moratorium. We learn more about the new Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma and the people who stand to benefit most from this policy. We also explore the intersections and systems of community care through motherhood in Black and Indigenous communities, and dive into the labor of staying accurate when putting Native cultures on screen. The fight for reparations continues, as we follow a state representative whose fighting for what the Black community is owed, and we look at the lasting impacts of forever chemicals on Oklahoma fracking sites and how we can recover from their effects. And, we hear from Black cowboys and cowgirls celebrating tradition and culture for Juneteenth.

All of this and more on Focus: Black Oklahoma.

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