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In this episode, we hear from the Podcast Slut herself, Kate Kennedy. Kate is a stand up comedian, professional porn star, and podcast host of The Cam Girl Chronicles as well as cohost of Two Girls, One Mic: The Porncast. She takes us through a day in the life of Kate Kennedy, reveals how she copes with the isolation of her work, her love of stand up comedy, and how OnlyFans has shifted the sex work industry.

This episode was recorded before OnlyFans banned (and then promptly un-banned) sexually explicit content from their platform. They have since stated that they made this move due to banks who are threatening to stop processing payments within the sex industry. You can sign onto a letter written by sex workers demanding an end to this kind of banking discrimination at SexWorkSignOn.com.

Kate Kennedy's Links:

Website: semiprocockjockey.com

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/theogkennedy

Twitter: @TheOGKennedy

Instagram: @thepgkennedy

CamGirl Chronicles Podcast

Two Girls, One Mic: The Porncast

The Kennedy Assassination Podcast

Things We Talk About:

The Comedy Store


Dolly Parton's America Podcast (We don't talk about it, but you all should really listen to it. It's just the best.)

Podcast Links:

Website: https://a-sex-workers-guide-to-the-galaxy.captivate.fm/

Patreon: Patreon.com/SexyGalaxyPod

Twitter: @SexyGalaxyPod

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