50. GM's Super Bowl EV Ad with Will Ferrell


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This year's big Super Bowl electric vehicle ad is from GM and stars Will Farrell, Kenan Thompson & Awkwafina. GM claims 30 EVs by 2025. Plus: The Apple Car rumors, SpaceX crash, and Tom Cruise.

Brian and James swap dental stories after Brian gets a tooth pulled. SpaceX rocket test crashes and we have a clip in this week's Farm Film Report. Starlink is too expensive for us to play with in Canada. Tom Cruise is going up in space to make a movie. The Coronavirus variant comes to Saskatchewan. More rumors that Apple will invest 3.6 billion dollars into a car made by Kia in Georgia. The Apple Electric car.

New segment Whaddya Think?

-Tesla new steering wheel or drive stock.

Brian compares it to Apple products that try to do too much.

-Sandy Munroe interview with Elon Musk talks about panel gaps.

-Sandy Munroe goes for a drive in a FSDbeta Tesla. He raved about Tesla's full self driving advances.

Canadians make there own lanes when it snows and it's always wrong. How will autonomous vehicles figure this out.

Whaddya think about the Tesla Semi redesign?

Amazon announces its all electric delivery vans made by Rivian will begin operation in 15 U.S. cities in 2021, with 10,000 in the roads by 2022. And they've already begun with prototypes in Los Angeles.

Will Ferrell does a Super Bowl ad for General Motors promoting how great their new batteries will be for their EVs. Ferrell lives in Sweden where his wife is from and Brian explains the video makes a joke about this.

Car companies have been advertising EVs for the last decade to show how advanced their brand is. GM is now claiming to stop making gas cars by 2035. Is it an empty promise? Will the be bankrupt by then?

Superchargers by Tesla are now being made at the rate of 10,000 per year in China. Should we buy TSLA stock. Proterra might be a company to invest in, Brian suggests.

James has some advice for the Regina Transit System #yqr. Don't go big on public transit in a city of our size when robotaxies will be here by the end of the decade and cost 15 cents/mile or less with electronic advertising in the vehicles. So the question is, should be invest in public transit the same way we have when autonomous taxies will greatly disrupt busses and subway use.

They mayor of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is talking about using more geothermal heating in his city. The proposed use would involve greenhouses in the agricultural sector of the city.

"The City of Moose Jaw will is looking into the economic benefits geothermal technology could bring to the community.

In January, Moose Jaw City Council voted for an economic assessment on the benefits of geothermal energy to be conducted.

The assessment costs around $54,000 and it’s expected to be completed in the summer months.

The mayor of Moose Jaw said it’s important for the city to keep looking for ways to grow the economy.

“It's about creating jobs and creating opportunity and capitalizing on all the resources that we have within our community to to form a stable and healthy economy,” Fraser Tolmie, the Mayor of Moose Jaw, said.

The City is focusing on what geothermal could mean for its Agri-Food Industrial Park which is located southeast of the city.

The park is in its development phase but the city hopes it attracts investors from the agriculture sector."

Teslas switching their 12 volt batteries from lead acid, the standard for cars, to lithium ion that will last the life of the car.

Hey Elon Musk, in Northern areas the sun stays low in the winter and blinds your side cameras on the pillar. Fix that please!

Powering your car with solar electricity via the carport.

Morgan Stanley says coal will be gone from the US by 2033. Economics of the green competition will kill it, not regulation.

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