52. Texas Winter Storm Blackouts


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We know that wind turbines work in the arctic so are they the problem? The truth is all sources, especially natural gas, had plants down.

Turns out natural gas and other thermal sources don't work either. The reason is because they didn't prepare the grid for cold weather. But should they or is it a waste of money for rare events like this.

Wind turbines work down to -30C in Canada because they have cold weather packages installed. Our natural gas system always works for similar reasons. The power outages in Texas are terrible but it will cost money to prevent it from happening again.

More on electric vehicles in extremely cold weather. Brian explains his factory studded snow tires and problems with his Tesla in winter.

We update Jon's Nissan Leaf not working in extreme cold because of its 12v battery.

Warren Buffet invests in something stupid: Fossil fuels.

General Motors reveals the new Chevy Bolt and Chevy Bolt EUV crossover. It's a big deal for the advent of EVs. There is a huge price reduction and they are even paying for your home charging install. On top of that you get a level 2 charge with your vehicle! Available summer 2021.

In our latest edition of Is Elon Musk Crazy? we ask Brian if making his new sports car hover with rocket boosters is silly. Elon told Joe Rogan it's going to happen.

The countries that will be most punished financially by the fall of oil in the coming decades.

Shell Oil says oil production peaked in 2019. Hello Jason Kenney in Alberta?

Tesla flirts with business in India and the government there is welcoming it.

Toby Seba's RethinkX has a video out reminding us that power grids can be powered by wind plus solar plus batteries 100% by 2030. We explain how that's going to be disruptive but we'll get into it more in the coming months.

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