53. Hyundai Ionic 5/Texas Power Cuts and the Media/Canadian Oil Demand/Japan EV price war


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A Tesla Model 3 is now cheaper than a Nissan LEAF in Japan! The Hyundai Ionic 5 looks amazing and it can even tow 3600 pounds. The seats go back like a recliner while you charge. Speaking of charging, it charges very fast but we won't see them in North America until at least 2022.

Rex Murphy, National Post columnist, is a turd and so is the papers who published false information about the Texas Wind Turbines being at fault for power outages during the freak winter storm there.

Tesla News: Tesla voids your warranty if you try to power your home with your electric car battery pack. Tesla Solar Roof coming to Canada and Europe as soon as this year, says Elon Musk Tesla (TSLA) likely already made over $600 million from Bitcoin investment.

The Globe and Mail editors warn of decreasing oil demand. Joe Biden promises 500,000 charging stations by 2030, more than there are gas stations in the United States.

South Korea to halve electric vehicle prices by 2025.

Bitcoin, Ford forces dealers to pay for electric certification, e-bike couriers in China have an interesting way of changing batteries.

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