60. Small Modular Nuclear Reactors vs Solar+Wind+Storage


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The anti-carbon tax Canadian provinces are jonesing for small scale modular nuclear because it annoys the hippies. But is nuclear actually necessary to solve our climate problem if you look at the projected costs of solar, wind and storage. The first plant won't be operational until after 2030 and by then green energy will be so cheap they'll give it away. Which they're doing now in the U.K. for EV drivers when there's extra power. It's called a zap flash window! It also reduces the strain on the grid.

Electric logging trucks that never have to charge?

James's crush on the Volkswagon ID.4 and how it is a better value in Canada than the United States, which is usually the reverse.

An avalanche from James's solar panels almost kill him at lunch.

Vax Talk with James and Brian returns as both get the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19.

Whaddya Think covers solid state batteries, Rivian, The Impossible Whopper, Tesla trying to hire VW's CEO, Apple Car rumours return, Magna, Tesla FSDbeta disregards the lidar for computer vision driven by A.I, and more!

Plus France bans short haul flights and it makes sense!

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