62. Tesla Q1 Earnings Call, Kia Soul EV, Biden's Bold Move and more!


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Lot's learned from Tesla's earnings call, Elon Musk will appear on Saturday Night Live, is that a mistake? Our professional comedy opinion on that. Is film and TV dead? Oscars disappoint. Australian EV policy would be the worst in the world, even surpassing Saskatchewan, Canada! We have a satirical clip that destroys that policy.

New concept we've come up with: The countries with the worse EV policies will become dumping grounds for the last manufactured combustion vehicles.

Tesla has a pilot plant for 4680 cell production. Cells not reliable yet to ship in cars, but they're getting close.

Hydrogen combustion engines? Great idea, Japanese automakers! Not.

Is Tesla's full self driving beta progressing too slowly? And what does Waymo think?

Over 1,100 electric buses set to transport fans at ‘green’ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in this week's green washing.

Electric car commercials and everything else!

Video link to Australian EV satire! Watch it!

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