Three Women in One Family Upon Whom the Qur'an Was Revealed


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In this class presentation we explore the lives of three very different women in the family of Sayyidna Abu Sufyan, may God be pleased with him, and the circumstances that led to the Qur'an being revealed about them.

We embark on a journey from darkness into light through the study of these women. First we witness the depths of wretchedness in Arwah Umm Jameel, the sister of Abu Sufyan and the wife of Abu Lahab. We then traverse a path of emergence from violence and evil to the illumination of righteousness through the story of Hind bint 'Utbah, the wife of Abu Sufyan. Finally we see light upon light in the blessed story of Ramla Umm Habibah, the daughter of Abu Sufyan and the wife of the Messenger, peace be upon him.

In conclusion, we draw some relevant points from these stories and consider them in the context of our own lives, and what we can benefit from studying these multifaceted and very real womens' experiences of faith in varying degrees.

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